Secrets uncovered as scientists explore Beethoven’s DNA

Secrets uncovered as scientists explore Beethoven’s DNA

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s science bulletin Wonder Theory. To receive it in your inbox, Register for free here. CNN — The idea of ​​time travel has always fascinated me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve imagined a “Jetsons” future with flying cars and the ability to travel back in time, … Read more

Early signs of Alzheimer’s may appear in your eyes, study finds

Editor’s note: Get inspired with a weekly roundup of living well, simplified. Sign up for CNN’s Life, But Better newsletter for information and tools designed to improve your well-being. CNN — The eyes are more than a window to the soul, they are also a reflection of a person’s cognitive health. “The eye is the … Read more

A 5,000-mile belt of algae is heading towards Florida

WASHINGTON (AP) — A 5,000-mile belt of algae lurking in the Atlantic Ocean is expected to spill onto beaches in the Caribbean Sea, southern Florida and the Yucatán Peninsula in the coming months. Mexico. The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt – as the biomass that stretches from West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico is called … Read more

Residents sue Louisiana Parish to stop polluting factories

Residents of a Louisiana parish located in the heart of a cluster of polluting petrochemical plants filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday raising allegations of civil rights, environmental justice and religious freedom violations. The lawsuit names St. James Parish as a defendant and says the parish council approved the construction of several factories in two … Read more

Warning as abandoned UK factory harbors dangerous mad cow disease that could threaten humans

An abandoned factory in Kent “undoubtedly” contains mad cow disease which could threaten humans if released. Thruxted Mill was one of five locations in the UK where cattle infected with mad cow disease were taken to be destroyed, and scientists have warned the now-abandoned facility still poses dangers today. The mill has been abandoned for … Read more

Struggle for science blocks key UN climate report

BERLIN (AP) — The release of a major new UN report on climate change is being delayed by a battle between rich and developing nations over emissions targets and financial aid to vulnerable nations. The report by hundreds of the world’s top scientists was due to be endorsed by government delegations on Friday at the … Read more

Searching for clues to Alzheimer’s disease from the few who escape genetic fate

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Doug Whitney inherited the same genetic mutation that gave his mother, brother and generations of other relatives Alzheimer’s disease at the unusually young age of 50. Still, he’s a healthy 73, his mind still sharp. Somehow, the Washington man escaped his genetic fate. So did a Colombian woman who dodged her … Read more

Amazon People Resist ‘Kissing Bug Disease’ »Explorersweb

Scientists have identified an exciting evolutionary mutation in South America. Amazon populations have developed genetic resistance to Chagas, one of the main causes of death in the region. The triatomine kissing bugs, so called because they often feed around the mouths of sleeping humans, spread the Trypanosome cruzi parasites through their excrement. Chagas disease affects … Read more

Storms end Southern California water restrictions for 7 million

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California’s atmospheric 11th River left the storm-soaked state on Wednesday, bringing flooded roads, landslides and toppled trees to the southern part of the state, as well as anti-rainfall. -drought which meant the end of water restrictions for nearly 7 million people. Even as residents struggled to clean up before the next … Read more