How Learning to Swim at 30 Helped Me Overcome the Chronic Pain I Had for 14 Years

There was a man ahead of me in the pool, clinging to a foam float for dear life. He kicked frantically, splattering my face in the process. I tried to back up and get out of his way, but suddenly found myself in the part where he’s too deep to stand. I panicked and reached … Read more

I do commando because I can’t stand the pain my underwear causes

EXCLUSIVE: Woman goes commando due to ‘blinding agony’ from nerve damage Marion Jones suffers from pudendal neuralgia, which affects one in 100,000 people A woman whose life has been “put on hold” by a rare pelvic disease says the pain is so horrific she can’t even wear underwear. Marion Jones, from Herefordshire, goes commando every … Read more

Why does my husband feel severe pain after walking for 50 minutes? DR MARTIN SCURR

My otherwise healthy husband experiences severe pain in his groin after walking for about 50 minutes. It radiates down his right thigh, and although it subsides when he rests, it quickly returns. He underwent checks to see if it was due to a hernia, a spinal disc problem or even a tumor – but these … Read more