Motorists injured in a pileup of more than 50 vehicles on I-96 in Michigan

First responders are at the scene of a pile-up that reportedly involved between 50 and 100 vehicles in western Michigan on Saturday following reports of whiteout conditions prior to the crashes, state police say. Michigan.

The pile-up occurred on a five-mile stretch on eastbound Interstate 96 near Grand River Avenue and Portland Road in Portland, which is in Ionia County, about 26 miles northeast. west of downtown Lansing, according to state police.

Injuries from the crashes were reported, but officials were unsure of their severity, according to state police.

The Michigan Department of Transportation signaled the closure of the freeway near exit 73, according to a tweet. Westbound and eastbound I-96 will be impacted. Authorities are asking motorists to avoid this stretch of highway.

The Portland Area Fire Authority took to its Facebook page around 4:40 p.m. Saturday to announce the accumulation of multiple accidents.

“We are working on a 50+ year old car accident on I96 approximately 77mm to 72mm. Avoid the freeway,” firefighters said.

Police said the weather has since cleared up with sunny skies since the mass collision.

This is a developing story. Check back to for updates.

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